Cash is Trash

Fact:  most of the wealthiest people in the world do not keep their assets in cash.  At any given time they have very low amounts of paper money in the bank.

Have you ever seen a person listed in the Forbes Top 400 that had cash as their main source of wealth?

Me neither.

The truth about the U.S. paper currency, which is also considered the international standard, is that it is severely devalued.  As the government prints more and more money the value of the dollars already in circulation keeps decreasing.

Since we are far removed from the times of the “gold standard” when all cash was backed my gold, one might wonder what actually makes american dollars valuable?


So what’s next?

The government will keep printing more money into oblivion because that’s the only way they can keep feeding the monster of debt that is currently engulfing us all.  As it takes more dollars to purchase things like FOOD, GAS, and REAL ESTATE, where will your assets be in order to make sure you are protected?

Get REAL!  No one is going to bail you out.  With what? Dollars that are worth nothing?

Yet there will be a small group of people that will make MASSIVE profits while most people watch their hard earned money disappear.

So what it is that they know?


CASH is TRASH.  Learn how to buy and sell the right assets and the right time.


This was written by Simona Goldin-Borzouyeh.  She is a wealth evolution mentor and coordinator of the NYC Power Entrepreneurs.  To connect with the NYC Power Entrepreneurs or receive more information on their next event, please visit their website at

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