Going to the Chapel…

We did it…without any glitches or hiccups.  The day was nothing short of amazing!

Actually, speaking of glitches…there was one little issue.  A reminder to those engaged couples out there, do not forget your marriage license when you leave for your wedding!  Thanks to Fr. Tom for being on point and reminding us about it early on during the rehearsal and our friend Domenic for going out of his way to get it from our apartment and deliver it to the church Saturday morning.  We didn’t think there was a chance of forgetting this and we ended up overlooking it completely.  We did however remember the wedding rings due to 3 reminders in my blackberry on the morning we left for the weekend.  But marriage certificate, no, we won’t forget that!!

Surrounded by our families, best friends and our pooch…we decided to make it legal; to make the lifelong commitment and to make it forever.  We headed back to my hometown of Voorheesville in upstate NY to have our ceremony in St. Matthews Church.  As you can see, Rocky, our Puggle-Boxer puppy, even dressed for the occasion in his new tuxedo sweater because he was excited to become legitimate now that his parents were getting married.

Although he was not the priest I listened to as a kid, Father Tom was perfect.  He is inspirational, spiritual and simply funny.  We were really happy that he was able to be the officiant of the ceremony.  Maybe its just me, maybe it was Fr. Tom’s calming personality but I expected to be more nervous while I waited for Vanessa to arrive.  Looking back on everything, there was nothing to be nervous about.  During the ceremony, I was just happy that she didn’t cry and that my tight wedding band actually fit onto my finger (with the help of some hand lotion to help it slide).

OK, ceremony is finished!  Whew!  Now its time to relax, take a breath and start the party!  We had hoped for some snow so that it would look nice in pictures but considering the way this winter has gone for the northeast, we were admittedly a little worried.

After taking a few pictures in the ‘ville (I had to get one with the new aviators!), we headed down to the NYS Museum in Albany.  Despite being 180 miles away, we were able to get a little NYC feel with this subway car photo, which is one of my favorites from the whole night.  The thumbnail doesn’t do it justice so click on it to see the full size shot.

Arriving at our venue, 11 North Pearl, Vanessa nearly cried…for the first time of the day!  You know when you have a vision and you finally see it come to life?  The room looked every bit as beautiful as we had imagined.  To a certain extent, it set the tone for the night that we were throwing a classy and fun party.  The caterer (Classe Catering) and our DJ (Jeffrey Scott) certainly did not disappoint!  I would recommend them to anyone looking to have an event in the northeast!

Lastly, our photographer, Bailly Photo, was amazing.  Here are another two favorites from the night

Our first dance was to Michael Buble’s “Everything”.  Despite no practice, no choreography and a wife that tries to lead, we were surprisingly on the same page.  Vanessa surrendered to let me lead and between the spins and dips, we never tripped up…a feat that I certainly did not anticipate!

On the drive back to NYC on Sunday, the best feeling was knowing that I would not have done anything from the wedding weekend any different.  I married my best friend, who looked as beautiful as ever, surrounded by my friends and family (and dog!), and celebrated at one of the best parties I have ever been to.

I’ll call that a success….and now off to Thailand for the honeymoon!  🙂

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