Wake Up Today?

Since you’re reading this, you obviously woke up today.  What big plans do you have for the day?  Somewhere there is someone who did not wake up.  Just like that, the show is over.

A lot of us, myself included, sometimes take this for granted.  A few weeks back, I was having Read More

Covert Ops…in 140 Characters or Less!

Everyone in the world know about the United States military’s infamous Navy SEALs and their mastery of all cutting edge warfare skills.  We do not know the details but we just know that they are all the best of the best.  The reason we do not know is because they Read More

Demystifying Twitter

Join the conversation.  

Isn’t that what they tell us to do?  So…have you?

Some people get intimidated by Twitter.  Maybe because it is fast paced, maybe because there are so many avenues to take…who knows.  As I’ve tried to tell my 65 year old father, a career networker, social media (at its simplest level)  is one big networking event.  Twitter, in my opinion, is the Read More

It’s Just Talking on the Internet!

So what’s the big deal with social media?  It’s only talking on the Internet!


It is only talking on the internet…except on steroids.  Lots and lots of steroids that Bonds & McGuire couldn’t even handle.  Its faster, more focused, more measurable, less expensive, far easier and in my opinion, more fun than any other networking out there.  If you are a business or anyone that is looking to meet a particular ‘type’ of person with a common interest, you MUST be on social media.  Here’s why: Read More

Cash is Trash

Fact:  most of the wealthiest people in the world do not keep their assets in cash.  At any given time they have very low amounts of paper money in the bank.

Have you ever seen a person listed in the Forbes Top 400 that had cash as their main source of wealth?

Me neither.

The truth about the U.S. paper currency, Read More

Penniless Pensions

So a few days ago, I was a little bothered by something that I heard from a friend online.  My friend, “Frank”, made it clear that he thought NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg had lost his marbles; one pickle short of a Big Mac; destined for the crazy bin.  Politicians do weird and illogical things sometimes so I really began to wonder what he possibly could have done to get “Frank”, not normally one to be bothered by stupid politics, all fired up.  The issue: Read More

Networking with Value

So you’re off to another networking event to meet people to grow your business.  Why?  Because that is what you heard you have to do.


Not quite.  Your primary focus in networking should be to meet other individuals that you generally like, with the end goal of helping them grow their business.  That might sound counter-intuitive but by helping others, you will help yourself.  For example, Read More

Going to the Chapel…

We did it…without any glitches or hiccups.  The day was nothing short of amazing!

Actually, speaking of glitches…there was one little issue.  A reminder to those engaged couples out there, do not forget your marriage license when you leave for your wedding!  Thanks to Fr. Tom for being on point and reminding us about it early on during the rehearsal and our friend Domenic for going out of his way to get it from our apartment and deliver it to the church Saturday morning.  We didn’t think there was a chance of forgetting this and Read More

Are you smarter than a 9 year-old?

So you think you have a good portfolio, huh?  That piece of artwork that you mentioned was an investment…what’s the monthly cash flow on that “asset”?  How about your cash on cash return or return on investment (ROI)?  To be honest, it is really concerning that Read More


…Don’t forget to give it.

All too often, we take things for granted.  Many of us have more opportunity in front of us than we even have time to recognize, more friends than we need and an annoying, underappreciated relative that we see each Thanksgiving.  This year, and hopefully each year going forward, try to Read More