Are you smarter than a 9 year-old?

So you think you have a good portfolio, huh?  That piece of artwork that you mentioned was an investment…what’s the monthly cash flow on that “asset”?  How about your cash on cash return or return on investment (ROI)?  To be honest, it is really concerning that some people’s understanding of investments is so poor.  I recently came across this video on YouTube that was a nice surprise.  Here is a 9 year-old explaining the difference between assets and liabilities.  Some of you out there might want to be taking notes…

Learn anything new?

I don’t think people really understand how important it is in today’s world & market conditions to be in control of your own finances and investments.  Remember what happened to all those people who blindly turned over their life savings to Bernie Madoff?  That is exactly why you need to be in control these days.  If you’re still relying on stock brokers, money managers and financial planners for your every investment decision, give us a call and we can show you how to take back control of your investments.

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