It’s Just Talking on the Internet!

So what’s the big deal with social media?  It’s only talking on the Internet!


It is only talking on the internet…except on steroids.  Lots and lots of steroids that Bonds & McGuire couldn’t even handle.  Its faster, more focused, more measurable, less expensive, far easier and in my opinion, more fun than any other networking out there.  If you are a business or anyone that is looking to meet a particular ‘type’ of person with a common interest, you MUST be on social media.  Here’s why:

Let’s take a look at Twitter.

Think of Twitter as a big billboard…a really, REALLY HUGE and FREE billboard.  Without any other details, wouldn’t you want to put your information on that huge, FREE billboard that millions and millions of people can see?

What makes it even better is that you can find people that are already talking about your shared interest so that you can connect & network with each other.  So let’s say you’re a foodie that runs a blog about cheap eats in NYC [I’m making this up as I type…probably because it is time for lunch and I do not have my wallet with me]. You would obviously want others that search for these places to read your blog, increase your traffic and therefore increase your advertising revenue.  Right?

Well, Twitter helps with exactly that.  Twitter uses the hash tag / pound sign (#) to identify topics of interest or keywords.  So continuing with this example, if you wanted to find others that were into cheap places to eat in NYC, you would search for #cheapeats and #nyc.  As an FYI, multiple word topics must be condensed to a single word, hence #cheapeats.  I did exactly that and this is the first tweet that was found:

NYC_Gramercy_MH Gramercy Murray Hill
Where to Eat for Free in Murray Hill and Flatiron:
#foodies #cheapeats #nyc #gramercy #murrayhill

Cheap eats can’t get much better than free!!  Do you think your readers that like cheap eats in NYC would like to know about a place where they can eat for FREE?  Do you think that might grow their sense of allegiance to your blog or increase your credibility?  Bingo…And that is why social media is crucial to those who are looking to find & connect with others.  It’s only talking on the Internet…so start talking!


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