You Don’t Even Have to be a Teenager to Succeed on Wall St.

While the Occupy Wall Street crowd complains about how they don’t get enough handouts, it is reassuring to know that there are kids in NYC who are making it happen on their own.

Quick facts about this young Buffett:

  • He bought his first stocks (from Apple) when he was 5
  • Uses profit from his skateboard business to invest in the market
  • He’s fired up that he is still waiting on his order of 300 shares of Facebook

Judging by the falling stock price, he may be happier with his Facebook stock order not being processed but talk about a good FinancialEyeQ! This kid has trained his eyes & mind to make good financial moves.

He’s creating value instead of sticking out an empty hand to his parents.  OK, OK, they helped get him started….but did I mention he is only 11??  I think when I was 11, I was spending my money on packets of Big League Chew and Bubble Tape.  Man was that stuff good!

What are the odds that the Occupiers read this story?  They complain about not getting enough handouts and how the capitalist system is rigged for the wealthy yet this kid has been making it happen for himself.  Since he was 5.

News Flash: You don’t need any government handouts. You don’t need to be rich when you start.  [I know of at least one opportunity where you can be up and running for less than $30.]  All you need is a good idea and some work ethic, neither of which will come from the government.  Shocking, I know.  Stop worrying about what you don’t have or who you think owes you some success.  No one owes you anything.  Start working on creating value yourself (today!) and maybe, just maybe, you will be able to catch up to this 11year old kid before he is old enough to vote.

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