…Don’t forget to give it.

All too often, we take things for granted.  Many of us have more opportunity in front of us than we even have time to recognize, more friends than we need and an annoying, underappreciated relative that we see each Thanksgiving.  This year, and hopefully each year going forward, try to take a step back and really think about all the good in your life.  Sure, maybe that barista made a mistake while making your skinny, no whip mocha with an extra shot yesterday and you had to wait an extra 90 seconds for them to make a new one.  But as you walk out with your $4 coffee in your designer clothes, think about those that would love a coffee that tasted half as good.  Maybe take even two seconds to think about the simple ability to actually walk into that coffee shop on your own two legs…

Look, this isn’t meant to drag you down with stories of those facing big challenges.  But let’s not forget what Thanksgiving stands for.  So take a minute this Thanksgiving, and every year, to appreciate everything you have in you life.   You’ll feel better for it and be more positive in your daily life.

So ask yourself, what are you thankful for?

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