Timely Resolutions

resolutions on post itsCongratulations!  You set 37 resolutions for the New Year. By January 15th, (my anniversary!) you probably forgot you even set those lofty goals.  “What resolutions?  I never said I’d stop drinking soda!”  “Lose how much weight?!  Eh…there’s always next year.”  True, there is always next year.  But after five years of trying to lose that extra 15 pounds, it might be a good time to stop delaying until next year and focus on “the now.”

Maybe you’re the exact opposite and didn’t set enough resolutions. I hope that this is more common than having a lackluster start to the year.  If you decided that 2013 is your year and you’re absolutely crushing your resolutions, which I hope you are, then you owe it to yourself to keep pushing the limit.  Set five or 10 more resolutions as long as they are things that you will actually work on and are actually attainable.  “In 2013, I want to become a millionaire from all the money I save due to eliminating Starbucks visits” might be a tough one. If that really is an attainable goal, please put me in touch with your financial advisor!

Either way, its OK. There’s no imaginary resolutions god or panel of judges handing out punishments when you need to reassess where you’re at or even change directions entirely. A friend recently posted an open question on Facebook where he asked if it was too late for another New Year’s resolution.  “Hmm…should I set another goal for myself even though I missed the January 1st deadline or should I wait another 344 days to work on that self-improvement issue?” calendar - Jan 1 Friends, here’s a little secret…that January 1st “deadline” for resolutions, new goals, starting over, and new beginnings really only comes down to easier counting.  Face it, we like easy, especially when we know we’re going to be challenged with this new resolution. We wouldn’t want to make it harder on ourselves and have to track ourselves from January 5th!  Counting from 1/5/13 is harder than the simplicity of counting from 1/1/13. Its easy!

The truth is that you can start anew any day of the year. With the rapid advancement of our pocket command centers (aka smartphones), there’s probably an app that can do all that difficult counting of days & tracking for you. Focus on the doing (or not doing!) instead of the date when you started and you’ll be a better you in no time.

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