Wake Up Today?

Since you’re reading this, you obviously woke up today.  What big plans do you have for the day?  Somewhere there is someone who did not wake up.  Just like that, the show is over.

A lot of us, myself included, sometimes take this for granted.  A few weeks back, I was having what I thought to be a tough day.  In comparison to some others, it wasn’t that bad…just a little frustrating.  While riding the subway, a man hopped on and rightfully put every person in our car in their place.

He explained that he was an out of work construction worker and obviously needed some help.  The important part was that he reminded us all that each day was a gift.  If you had woken up that morning, you were alive…and needed to live like it!

That’s a heavy message coming from someone who is just looking for lunch money, maybe just a granola bar.  Its also 100% correct.  Lets face it…life is tough sometimes but it probably is not a nightmare.

So wake up…there’s a lot of living to be done.

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